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Recent years have seen the development of the concept, and advocacy of the concept of the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) (see Butterworth et al, Ludbrook & Goldsman, Grocott et al, Vetter et al). The PSH is actually a recent explicit advocacy of what all physicians have known for a long time — it advocates coordination between differing groups of specialisms, so as to optimize the perioperative care of patients. The final results are better management of, or even prevention of anticipated perioperative complications, fewer unanticipated perioperative complications, shorter hospital stays, all of which mean improved patient care. For hospitals this means efficient usage of all facilities, higher turnover, and potentially more profit. PSH is not only a potential “Win-Win” for patients, physicians, and hospitals, but is revealed as a reality by recent studies. Proven advantages of the PSH are listed below.

Modern computer technology, combined with computer networks can enormously facilitate the functioning of a PSH. PANSURAS (Perioperative ANesthesia & SURgical Assessment System) is designed with the above objectives in mind, to integrate and facilitate the functioning of a PSH.

PANSURAS facilitates PSH functioning

PANSURAS is a self-learning perioperative decision support system designed as an adjunct to a hospital information system that also provides a benchmarking, audit and quality control systems, as well as a enabling “fast-track” study of drugs, techniques, and management systems. All these functions facilitate the realization of an integrated PSH.

These are som of the functions with which PANSURAS is one possible solution factilitating a PSH.

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